Poem About Life.

Poem about Life

Evelyn Masaba

This has been resounding in my head since I woke up, so instead of #MyStory, I am sharing “The Poem About Life” by Paulo Coelho. imageWhat I learned in life is: That no matter how good a person is,          Sometimes they can hurt you & because of this we must forgive. It takes years to build trust and only seconds to destroy it .. We don’t have to change friends if we understand that friends change.. The circumstances and the environment influence on our lives,         but we are the one who responsible for ourselves.. That you have to control your acts or they will control you.. That patience requires much practice.. that there are people who love us,          but simply don’t know how to show it.. That sometimes the person you think will hurt you and make you fall.. image Is instead…

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Making Conversation: How to Think Up Good Comments

The Daily Post

Here on The Daily Post, we’re always advising you to build blog relationships by leaving substantive comments on other people’s posts. That’s easy enough to say, but how do you think of more to say than “Great post!” when all you can think to say is, well, “Great post!”

I often have trouble coming up with things to say — both in blog commenting sections and at parties. Here are some questions I ask myself when I want to leave a comment on a post but find I’m at a loss for words: 

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Kick-Start Your Comments

The Daily Post

Blogging is 50% self-expression, 50% community — bloggers who don’t want to connect with others are few and far between, and most of us get a little frisson of excitement every time we’re notified that one of our posts has moved someone enough to leave a comment.

If your comment section is populated mainly by tumbleweeds, never fear! Try one (or all) of these to up the odds of starting a conversation with your readers:

  • Have an opinion. Opinions are the lifeblood of blogs — your unique perspective gets us reading, and reacting to that perspective gets us commenting. You may want to appeal to the widest audience by keeping your blog blandly balanced, but you’ll miss out on the thing that makes blogs compelling: point of view. Without a point of view, you won’t get negative comments… but you won’t get positive ones, either. (Worried about being too blunt? We’ve got some tips that’ll help.)

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Tips on how to impress a girl

You want her badly, but she ignores you rudely. You consider yourself smart and handsome, you have a reasonably fat wallet, but still you are not the one she eyes.
What can be the reason behind it? Girls are not so much floored by the looks or status of a man as they are charmed by his style and manners. Remember these twenty tips and you will never lose a girl.
1.  Be genuine. The first step to any relationship is being honest and straight forward. Girls dislike men who pose as someone else.
2. Do not pursue a girl like crazy. It will not just make you cheap, but it might also scare her. Many girls fall for men just because they do not fall for them. Remember Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice? Century after century, girls have been falling for him because oh! He is so handsome, unapproachable and mysterious.
3. Be confident, but not unbearable. Women likemen who are in charge of their lives and not feeble, sissy types.

4. Do not show off your money or status. This will not just repel them but it might also cause a serious damage to your reputation. Girls find it scary to be with a man who considers his Smartphone more valuable than her.
5. Have a sense of humor. Most women love men who can make them laugh; life is too short to be serious all the time.
6. Look clean and well groomed. And please, don’t go to meet your girl in a disheveled, cow boy look with smelly socks and yellow teeth! She will surely not see you again if she finds you dirty! Don’t overdo it on the cologne, though. It looks too showy!
7. Do not be overtly inquisitive. Let her do the talking and ask questions only when needed, without sounding too inquisitive.

8. Talk about your family. Girls feel safe and comfortable with family men. If you are attached to your family, you are a safe bet. Knowing that you come from a stable family can be very impressive to some women.
9. Never speak ill of your ex-girlfriends. This throws a bad light on you as a man. She will think if you could not respect them, you might do the same with her.
10. Keep your eyes on the face. Women do not like men with roving eyes. Never dare to sneak a glance at her body even if she is not looking.
11. Show genuine interest in what she is saying, howsoever boring it may seem. It’s the best way to show interest in a girl.
12. Girls like men, not cry babies. So please do not try to shed your tears on her shoulders. Crying at a movie on a first date does not impress girls.
13. Call her the very next day after meeting her. No need to be personal or intimate, but just chat like a friend and she will surely like it. You can also use the opportunity in dropping a compliment or two.
14. Respect her feelings and treat her with kindness. And do not preach her if you think her emotions are wrongly placed.

15. Do not check out other girls when with her. This is sure to fill her with all kinds of bad feelings for you.
16. Girls like to go slow. Do not at once scare her by becoming an arduous lover at once. If you want to earn a girl’s trust you have to first be her friend.
17. Spend some time trying to know her as a person, finding out about her beliefs, likes and dislikes, ambitions, hobbies and philosophy of life. If you have taken due care to really understand her, you’re almost sure to earn her affection in the near future.
18. Resist the temptation of touching her. Let her be the first one to touch. If she holds your hand, do not shy away. But you will surely look like a sex starved man if you try to touch her at the first go.
19. Do not be too obsessive. Appear normal and calm. Pretend as if you are a nice person and hence you are speaking with this girl-showing genuine interest in her. Let her not find out your ulterior ambitions!
20. Be good to her friends and family. She will like it if you show care and affection towards her siblings and respect to her parents.



Just don’t give up on life, keep pressing on, that is when you will truly find happiness in doing exactly what your heart desires.



At times we wake up and we don’t really perform the best of ourselves and some people equate it and claim that we have woke up from the wrong side of the bed.
Well well i don’t want to disagree with anyone but sure for the past 20years i don’t remember myself ever waking up from a wrong side of the bed. Anyway that is some sort of excuse that people always want to use. But with someone that is spirited to doing the best, you cannot really be pulled back by just life’s ups and downs.

Just don’t give up on life, keep pressing on, that is when you will truly find happiness in doing exactly what your heart desires.
As a Hustler in life you will face a number of challenges along the way but don’t be intimidated, keep up the spirit and Do your best.
Everyday wake…

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