There was a clever, young and energetic black African boy named Jacob who always had plans and solutions to any problem that came across him. Jacob had three (3) other friends by names Titus, Abel and Paul in the school he went to. In that school, they always prepared a Annual Halloween party. You know that moment everybody is tasked to make or get his/her favourite costume.

Since Jacob loved watching Dracula movies, he decided to go with the Dracula costume which was a dark black over flowing Jacket with a red collar. His friends Titus picked Chuck’s costume (the one in child’s play), Abel picked Medusa’s costume, Paul Picked for dare devil.

So on the day of Halloween night at school, the boys decided to bet on who will make the best prank for the Halloween. So they decided to go the haunting house near the cemetery which was at the back of their school. When they reached the haunting house, each took a different direction. Since Jacob was wise, he decided to make an hologram of his head to appear like it was chopped off and held it in his hand. As the other boys were reaching where he was they could barely hear the oozing sound of the wind. They took a deep glance at him in deep shock almost took off after seeing Jacob holding his head in his hand in the full light of the moon walking towards them.

Later they heard him laugh, I got you on this one. It is just a prank.



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