Learning to Breathe

She said, “Being in love is like being under water; when it’s over and you come to the surface, you’re learning to breathe all over again”. I think it applies to a lot of things in life. It was that expectant first time mother who had a miscarriage, whose hopes had suddenly been turned into tears. It was that wife’s husband that had been drafted into the army and sent off to war never to return again for another hug. It was that accident that took your loved ones and left you in a wheel chair. It was that job that […]

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Just to say, your love is the best. So i wrote this letter as a token of appreciation. Never the less, you have always been there for me, since day one straight outta from the womb (the pain you held while giving birth to me, and the 9 months you carried me in your womb).

Just wanna say,you are such a darling. Nothing in this world can outshine your adoring love. The person who wrote parents are our earthly guardians was a 100% right, a round of applause for that genius person. You held me besides your lap while you breast-fed me, when i was still and infant. I always question myself, ” What will i every pay you back in return for the love you have shown me?”
I always have answers like…..”
If i was i poet, i would write for you a poem,
If i was a song writer, i would write for a song,

Mama, just wanna whisper this love to you inform this letter.
Just like that picture down there, it reminds me a lot of myself…
Thanks for being a great mama to me, May the Almighty grant you more years..

The debate is the thing – Hon Justice Ogola Poem at Uganda Presidential Debate

Last night, it was an historic moment for poetry in Uganda, as it highlighted the start of a memorable time in Uganda’s political history – the first ever Presidential Debate. When I saw Justice Ogola giving the speech to kick off the debate, my heart jumped because I knew this learned man loved poetry and maybe he would recite. And boy was I right. This is what he said before he read  “The debate is the thing” transcribed below. “Permit me now to speak from my own heart about what I feel in this moment.” The debate is the thing. […]

Source: The debate is the thing – Hon Justice Ogola Poem at Uganda Presidential Debate


Gonna write a long essay, but take some time and read through. I bet u will like some inspirational words that you will absorb and will help you in the future.

First and furthermost, **Quotes** “LIFE IS A JOURNEY, NOT A DESTINATION. A JOURNEY WHICH WHICH HAS 2 ROADS (RIGHT ROAD & WRONG ROAD)” It’s depends on you to choose which road to use..Greatness and success is achieved by those who choose the right road. let me stop there for that and continue with my main message…i would like to thank everybody (friends all around the WORLD) for each and everything you have done, it might be intangible (untouchable–love u show me, i do really appreciate that..God bless u for dat) of tangible (touchable- the gifts, presents)…With out you friends, the world would mean nothing to me…I thank GOD for that…. I joined Face book with a major AIM of making new friends, which i am standing well with (met many friends here that have became part of me (more than a family to me), the list is long if i start mentioning each and everyone,i guess i won’t finish now… But my friend just take at heart that i love u so much..wesuneko..gwe asinga if u’re reading this now…

Happy 2016 everyone and may the grace of God be with you and stay blessed. Be the shinning star and all your dreams come true!!!!!

May 2016 bring the best of you and the best in your life. Haters will criticize you and slander you. Do your best and God will do the rest.

I hear the voice of the Lord encouraging and inspiring me that the omnipotence of God is the measure of our expectation. We should expect and believe for 2015 according to his greatness and his power and his majesty and glory. Don’t limit yourself and don’t limit this New Year to what you see with your eyes, or what you hear with you ears. Don’t limit the New Year to the circumstances around you! Let the eternal unlimited ability of God guide your expectations and your faith in 2015. Matthew 19:26 “Jesus said, ‘With God all things are possible.'”



Facebook added the ability to create a short, looping video for visitors to your profile page.
If you feel your Facebook profile is too static, Facebook is giving you 7 seconds to work with. Facebook is rolling out a number of new features to its mobile apps, including one that just arrived on my iPhone: profile videos.

To make a profile video from Facebook’s iOS app, tap the More button in the lower-right corner and then tap your name to open your profile page. Tap your profile picture — now centered in the updated design — and then choose either Take a New Profile Video or Upload Video or Photo.

Choose the former and you can record a video — including audio — that is 7 seconds or shorter. Choose the latter and you’ll need to select a video that is 7 seconds or less; Facebook does not let you trim a longer video to fit.

After taking or uploading a video, you can then select a thumbnail from the video as your profile picture. The picture will show up in Facebook’s news feed. Only when people visit your profile page will they see your video, which helps people add a some flair to their profiles without making Facebook’s newsfeed overly distracting.
Elsewhere in the update is new bio field that lets you add a short, 101-character blurb about yourself and featured photos that let you select the five photos that appear on the mobile version of your profile page. Both of these features are available from your profile page on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Facebook also announced a way to set a temporary profile picture, but it has yet to reach me.