Gonna write a long essay, but take some time and read through. I bet u will like some inspirational words that you will absorb and will help you in the future.

First and furthermost, **Quotes** “LIFE IS A JOURNEY, NOT A DESTINATION. A JOURNEY WHICH WHICH HAS 2 ROADS (RIGHT ROAD & WRONG ROAD)” It’s depends on you to choose which road to use..Greatness and success is achieved by those who choose the right road. let me stop there for that and continue with my main message…i would like to thank everybody (friends all around the WORLD) for each and everything you have done, it might be intangible (untouchable–love u show me, i do really appreciate that..God bless u for dat) of tangible (touchable- the gifts, presents)…With out you friends, the world would mean nothing to me…I thank GOD for that…. I joined Face book with a major AIM of making new friends, which i am standing well with (met many friends here that have became part of me (more than a family to me), the list is long if i start mentioning each and everyone,i guess i won’t finish now… But my friend just take at heart that i love u so much..wesuneko..gwe asinga if u’re reading this now…

Happy 2016 everyone and may the grace of God be with you and stay blessed. Be the shinning star and all your dreams come true!!!!!

May 2016 bring the best of you and the best in your life. Haters will criticize you and slander you. Do your best and God will do the rest.

I hear the voice of the Lord encouraging and inspiring me that the omnipotence of God is the measure of our expectation. We should expect and believe for 2015 according to his greatness and his power and his majesty and glory. Don’t limit yourself and don’t limit this New Year to what you see with your eyes, or what you hear with you ears. Don’t limit the New Year to the circumstances around you! Let the eternal unlimited ability of God guide your expectations and your faith in 2015. Matthew 19:26 “Jesus said, ‘With God all things are possible.'”



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