Just to say, your love is the best. So i wrote this letter as a token of appreciation. Never the less, you have always been there for me, since day one straight outta from the womb (the pain you held while giving birth to me, and the 9 months you carried me in your womb).

Just wanna say,you are such a darling. Nothing in this world can outshine your adoring love. The person who wrote parents are our earthly guardians was a 100% right, a round of applause for that genius person. You held me besides your lap while you breast-fed me, when i was still and infant. I always question myself, ” What will i every pay you back in return for the love you have shown me?”
I always have answers like…..”
If i was i poet, i would write for you a poem,
If i was a song writer, i would write for a song,

Mama, just wanna whisper this love to you inform this letter.
Just like that picture down there, it reminds me a lot of myself…
Thanks for being a great mama to me, May the Almighty grant you more years..

3 thoughts on “A LETTER TO MUMMY

  1. A Dude Abikes says:

    Thanks for following my blog… I am never sure how that happens. Or why, if you’re not a bike rider. Or if people really read my posts. Or how they have the time. I like that you post alot on topics that interest you. Keep it up. I’m trying to send this one to my mother. Best wishes.

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