Have you ever taken time to notice Besigye and Museveni glancing at each other whenever they meet. Wanna see you asking yourself that question. Me I noticed it during the previous presidential debate, the hurriedly hand check that doesn’t last  longer a hug you get for your opponent after fighting.  Remember love is one of the greatest commandment in Bible. It had been stated in many insistences; verses in the bible like love your neighbor as you love yourself. Hehehe (evil laugh), during these elections and presidential rallies; we expect riots and smoking tear gas instead of smoking shisha and marijuana. So, be embraced to preach the love into the soldier or police officer who will be in position to fire to you a canister full of teargas. Us those verses well- alter dem verses about love to that soldier; let them be your armor. Just hit it unto him like “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”. Of recent, we have seen large masses of people showing much love for their rightful candidates.

Besigye’s Supporters in Ntinda
Besigye’s Supporters in Ntinda
Besigye’s Supporters in Ntinda
Besigye’s Supporters in Ntinda
Besigye’s Supporters in Ntinda



People portraying love for their candidate and they are even willing to die for them. Many of those scenarios are willing to be seen after the elections.


Author: Kim Jacobs UG

Down on earth with love, okay am just me, most epic guy who loves seeing people around me happy. So that defines me, dramatic, cool guy.

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