I’ll start by thanking God,    and @beewol too because without them I swear I would never have pulled this off. Yesss, I did say I would never participate in anything related to blogs but who am I to turn down such a challenge? (Is what Besigye should have said when he was asked why he was standing again).  Also, it’s free (at least for now) and we all know how Ugandans have a thing for free stuff.

Anyway, when I first heard about blogging (from my aunty KYOMUHENDO GORETTI), to me it was just one of those things for intelligent people because everyone that was doing it then to me was intelligent. For those that don’t know her, Kyomuhendo Goretti is a Ugandan novelist recognized for her “internationally renowned novels” such as (The first daughter, secrets no more….) and also founder…

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