Should writers stick to one genre?

Should writers stick to one genre?

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I never realised it was possible to write in different genres.  I always thought you had to choose one genre, and that was it. You were in it for LIFE. There would be no returns, no reruns, no back-tracking of any kind. If you happened to choose Vampire Romance as your brand, well… you better remain in that box or else.

I think this system of ‘author branding’ was created thanks to the publishing market. It makes sense to stick to a certain genre if that’s what your readers come to love and expect from you. Branching off into a different genre usually requires a pen name, and that means you pretty much have to start at square one.

But what if you really, really want to write both crime and romance novels? What if you also enjoy dabbling in YA fantasy?

I love that J.K. Rowling decided to submit…

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I chose that title “The Incredible Max”, because i watched alot of Hulk, The incredible hulk movies. So, it pinned me to use incredible in my title, Max is the name of my pet dog. I got Max from my cousin Mark, ever since we have lived happily.

Little Max has been there for me since day one, never had i known that, i would get a best friend like him. He has been my only best friend i have ever had because every time, he is next to me, i can hear Lil Wayne’s Song “How to Love” auto playing down inside my head. Max protects me from bullies…i can see you’re asking yourselves, “how does he do it?” He barks at you like scooby doo…LMFAO!!! Evil laugh!!

Lesson why i love dogs, is they are easy to tame, friendly, protect us, list is long..

My Blog came to existence due to the love i had for designing dvd covers, so i decided to create a blog where i can publish my dvd covers and let other people download them. Then, later on i devoted to writing stories and joining writing competitions to broaden my writing skills. First writing competition i joined was on Susanna Leonard Hill blog.


Max taught me well

Max taught me (Caption of the picture), smile of the century…Now thieves are scared to passby my fence because, i am more fierce than Max.

My favorite bit about Max is when i forget to give him food, the look he gives me..i can barely imagine..He looks, like we’re about to exchange brawls (Rocky Balbao iv).


lastly, Dogs are the little cutest creatures on this planet earth, so adorable beyond imagination.. @Milly Schmidt we show make a collaboration… we call it cats and dogs.

To be continued…


Google may remove View Image button on Google Images

Getty Images announced today that it has come to an agreement with Google that includes a global licensing partnership between the two companies and accompanying changes to Google Images.

If you search for images on Google Images right now, you may click on the “view image” button on the results page to load (an often) larger version of the linked image directly.

Getty Images lodged anti-competitive complaints against Google in the European Union and the United States for including functionality on Google Images to download high-resolution stock photography on the site.

Users can view and download images on Google Images without ever visiting the site the photo was posted on in first place.

The official announcement on Getty Images press site reveals little about the agreement but an email sent to companies and photographers who cooperate with Getty Images provides details on the agreement.


Getty Images notes in the email, seen by Peta Pixel, that the company withdrew its complaint because Google recognized the company’s concerns. Google agreed to make changes to its image search engine to address Getty Images’ concerns according to the email, and that it would benefit all image owners globally”.

Google will remove the “view image” button and make copyright notices on Google Images more prominent on top of that.

While it is unclear right now whether the change will affect only Getty Images images on Google Images or all images, it is quite possible that Google will remove the functionality completely from its image search engine.

This is all speculation right now, however, as Google has not landed the changes yet that it promised to make as part of the agreement that it entered with Getty Images.

Here is a short list of Google Images alternatives that you may want to use if Google pulls the functionality from its image search engine completely.

  • Bing Images is Google Images biggest rival in the United States. Click on a result to view a larger version of the image which you can save by right-clicking on it and selecting the “save image” option from the context menu.
  • Startpage comes with image search functionality. Simply type a search term and switch to images to use it. It features a “view image” link that opens the image anonymously.
  • Yahoo Images is another big image search engine. It features a “view image” button to display the linked image directly in the web browser.

Now You: What’s your take on the upcoming changes to Google Images?