The longest journey

Ever woke up and felt like everything is messed up, then that is the beginning of the longest journey.  Just like a unsolved puzzle,  waking up clueless, without any clue of solving the problems that come across.  And all you got in mind is God’s mercy to show you the rightful way, Guide you through the journey. You could medicate Chris Brown’s song “don’t wake me up” coming through your mind.  First step to pop out of your bed is like stepping in a pile of water,  haha you know that feeling. Getting in shower and that first splash of water drops on your body and you feel like laughing like a rocket launched heading to space.  

To be continued 


MR. KIM JACOB aka The lover boy.

Let me also be romantic in a way that my Juliet wont let me die when she finds that am Jacob instead of being romeo. Okay Juliet just wanna let u know ur my empirical formula to solve and make all the chemical which make our love portion, u’re my applatus to paradise, i dont want to solve our like solving the simultaneously equation. Biblically dont betray me like how Deliah did to Samson. Let our love germinate like epigeal germination. Okay me i will be more than a super hero to u my love, when times reaches to hold the grenade be in position to dial bruno mars to hold it for cos he is a specialist in that.
Yours love
Kim Jacobs